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How to add Blogging feature to my existing web application

Hi, Folks!

I want to add a blogging feature to my existing web application! I wonder how can I do it?! Is there a way? if so, can I allow my coworkers to post at the same time? I want them to post blogs with different accounts simultaneously.

So, please tell me if anyone can help me in integrating this blogging platform with my web application, I read somewhere that we install cockpit CMS to create a basic blogging web application with my existing website.

What are your suggestions?

Thanks for your responses and help! :slight_smile:

Hi Shahzeb!

I am assuming that you mean that you’re currently running a web application built with another service on a custom domain, so I am going to go off that assumption.

Really the easiest thing to do in that case is not to try to add it to the current site, but just creating a separate site (that can have a similar design system/style) on website, and then having it run off of a sub-domain of the original domain.

This is very similar to how Webflow itself run’s its site. You have the main domain ( which houses the actual Webflow application, then there are many subdomains (like and that are built almost entirely with the actual Webflow system.

If I made the wrong assumption, let me know and I would be happy to clarify. Hope this helps!r

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