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How to add an Itunes player?


Does anyone knows how can I add an iTunes player?
I’d like it to behave similar to a video link, with and image below and a play button. Is this possible?

Thx! :slight_smile:

Maybe this is a basic question with a simple solution, but I’m not figuring out how to do it.


Hey Nita

Apple have a special service just as you want it, called Apple Music Toolbox. (Link)
Put the Embed code inside the Embed widget and you are good to go

I’ll also link you a overview of more Tools from Apple :smiley:


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Link to overview

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@Davidlin_ch12 that looks cool! Really cool!

My two cents would be…

The only recommendation that I can really think of (on my part) would be to code it from scratch or use a jQuery / HTML5 plugin that has already been developed. You would, of course, have to re-skin it, to make it look like the iTunes PLayer, which could take some time and involve some CSS styling and maybe some images depending on how the plugin was styled. You would also have to own the copyright if you wanted to do it this way, and own the music.

But that’s a bit advanced, but ya never know. @Davidlin_ch12’s suggestion seems pretty awesome ^^, decisions decisions.


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