How to add a Webflow template marketplace template to my Team's dashboard

I want to add a template from the Marketplace to my Team dashboard and am experiencing two issues:

  1. It keeps making me add it to my personal account. Is there anyway around that?
  2. If I’m forced to add it through my personal account (which is a free account), it removes all of the extra pages that would have come with the template, which defeats the purpose.


From what I understand all you need to do is log on to your team account and purchase the template. Did this help you? :wink:

Hi Vladimir - No, that really didn’t help, but than you for your quick reply. When I try to transfer from my personal account it says “Only Users on Professional Plans can transfer websites.” I have a free personal plan but belong to a company team.

To purchase a template, first purchase it on an individual account, then transfer it to the Team dashboard.

Here is how to transfer a site:

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thanks @PixelGeek! The alert message about “only professional plans can transfer” distracted me and I didn’t see the “To a Team” tab grayed out above it. :blush:

Same thing with me. If you’re member of a team plan you may have only a starter plan as individual. Please fix it, because you’re loosing money!