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(How to) Add a selection of items to cart

Hello everyone! So I am building a website for my Dads business and I wanted to do something I thought would be a good idea and it turns out there is another website that does something similar but not exactly what I had in mind. Below I will attach the other sites direct link. I want to allow the viewer to pick multiple items(cigars) from a long selection and then add it all to cart as one item. You will see in the other website you have a selection to pick from and it is being added to a drop down “cart”. So what I want to do is very similar except I want the viewer to be able to checkout and purchase those items after being added to the selection. I also would like it to be a minimum of 6 in order to checkout. This will save me a lot of time and effort when it comes to organizing orders before shipping. So if it is possible please let me know! A small demo on how to do it would also be great! :smiley: I am not a expert at coding but I try!
(Note: You will find the page I am trying to do this on under “Build a Custom Sampler” On my Webflow link.)

Other Website:

Here is my public share link: