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How to add a mandatory handling fee to Webflow Ecommerce?

Hi all!

Does anyone know how to add an automatic handling fee to every order? I already have a price-based shipping fee (flat fee of $9.95 but orders over $100 have free shipping). If I add another shipping method (Flat fee for handling fee of $4.25) it give the customer a choice of shipping fees, which is not what I want.

I want every order to have a handling fee, in addition to the price-based shipping fee.

Can this be done?



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I don’t know of anyway to do this natively however there may be a third part option or something you can do with custom code—maybe automatically adding a “hidden” product?

Is there anyway to “bake” this cost in instead? You’d probably increase conversion a bit and typically you can use either the average order value or average order size to calculate an appropriate cost to tack onto products to cover costs.