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How to add a lightbox to images on a blog

Experienced WP user, but newbie to WF. Our webmaster is out on maternity leave so I’m stepping in for the next 3 months on managing our company site and we post a lot of technical software support blogs with screenshots. They look nice smaller on the page, but often a full sized image would be what readers would want if they follow along.

We have about 20 blogs published so it should be pretty manageable to fix this issue.

However, the team that set up our blog template just made one rich text block that has images in it. I cannot figure out a way to apply a lightbox to individual images on blog posts. Whenever I try to do it, it just creates a new lightbox at the top of the blog and not on the specific image and I cannot apply it to a specific image as it appears as one large object of rich text.

Do I need an entirely new template to do this? Or is there something I’m missing? If screenshots or a screencast would help demonstrate I can supply that.

Thank you for your time in advance.

One approach would be to have three fields in your blog collection, your existing RTF, a new “lightbox” multi-image field, and a new RTF field “blog section 2”. Then you could use the new fields when needed with some simple changes to your template, using conditionals, leaving all others alone.

Another would be to use a provider like flickr and just embed what you need where you need it in a RTF. See Providers | Embedly since that is what WF uses.

Still another would be to use custom code to “load” content into the RTF from another or hidden from the same page.