How to add a internal link into a Dynamic CMS field

I need to add an internal link into a Dynamic CMS field but without making it a full URL with http and everything.

Reason for this is that the website is running on multiple domains with different language settings managed through Localizejs.

So when we are on .no I want the people to stay on .no and not go to .com after clicking on that link.

I tried the backtick trick, but that does not seem to work in a dynamic field.
…/nor-fishing-trondheim is what the link should be. without http without com.

Has anybody managed to tackle this problem?

A little help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


absolute url


relative URL

/ root

The cms link setting work only with an absolute link field (Not relative)

In your case maybe use embed HTML button (instead of name create “relative path” feild)


Thank you, you are not completely right… but the solution is also the only one I could think of.
Just wonder why with links outside of the database fields you can use a backtick to bypass it and not in a database field… :frowning: