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How to add a H1 next to tabs menu

This is what I need to build:

I believe tabs is the way to go. The links on the top right will be the tab links and the job positions will be the tab contents.

The problem im having now is how to add the “All Open Roles” text next to the tab links. I can think of a workaround by making the “All Open Roles” a tab link as well that links back to corporate opportunities but maybe theres a better way.

Am i missing something or is this layout incompatible with webflow.


Hi @Syn, I can’t confirm if you can add the H1 right in the tab container, but…

You can always work with negative margin-top/bottom to overlap the H1 with the tab. Just keep in mind the texts might overlap on smaller screens.

Yea thats what I eneded up doing. Not my favorite way to go about this but what can you do…