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How to ADD a crawler agent?

I wanted to begin using to run some SEO checks on my client’s sites.

As it turns out, their crawlers aren’t getting through to the pages.

My robots.txt includes:
User-agent: *

Their tech support told me to add “AA-Site-Audit-Crawler” as an exception. Their exact words:

“You have to white-list our crawler user agent on the server where that site resides. We use rotating IPs, so you’ll need to white-list by name. The name to use is AA-Site-Audit-Crawler. In this case you have to enable it since it’s being blocked by your server.”

The site is

Is there a way to resolve this on my end?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Go to > Project Settings -> SEO

The indexing setting can be modified there.

Thanks for the help!

Would I then add:

User-agent: AA-Site-Audit-Crawler

I tried adding both but that didn’t seem to work, so it looked like:

User-agent: *

User-agent: AA-Site-Audit-Crawler

Do you want to let all bots in or just this referenced one?

I would like all bots for now.

That is correct then.

Ok that’s what I thought…because that is what it was originally set to. And still their crawlers aren’t indexing so I thought to maybe add them as an allowed agent. Is that redundant then? How do I white-list a user agent by name?

If the first line exists you don’t need to.

You would only whitelist when you have rules blocking everything then allowing from certain bots.

Gotcha! Thanks for the help!

I ended up removing the syntax completely which is the same thing as disallow I believe, then I realized that the crawler was crawling a redirected URL smh so it’s all working now!