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How to add 2 tabs on each side of an element in Webflow

Hey guys, so I’m looking for a bit of clarity on how to implement a specific design within Webflow.

I’m doing a redesign for a client (they’re migrating to Webflow) and on their homepage, they have a tab/slider for their app (I’ll include a screenshot below).

As you can see, there are 4 tabs, 2 on each side, and when someone hovers over a tab, it replaces the app photo in the middle.

Does anyone know of a simple solution for this? (also I should mention the tabs need to auto slide through)

Hey @bmichaelgroff!

Thanks for reaching out here in the forum!

I created a LOOM VIDEO that explains how this can be done.

Here is the Read-only Link if you want to see the specifications of it.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much @rrabrot, this was really helpful!

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