How to activate "work smarter together" visual feedback in editor

I’ve really enjoyed building my first client project in Webflow. I’m about to ask the client to log in to the site before it goes live to tweak the content. To check it works as I expect, I’ve created an editor account of my own. I have my main account (Acc A) open in one window and the test editor account (Acc B) open a private window alongside. When I click to edit a block of on-page text (not a collection) in Acc B I expect it to present some kind of visual feedback in Acc A as shown on the Webflow website (scroll to the " Work smarter together" section).

I don’t see this or anything else that indicates what section is being edited or indeed ANY feedback that an edit is currently ongoing.

Please could someone tell me how to enable the feature shown on the page linked above.

Many thanks,