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How to achieve this? knockout image/SVG/CSS?

Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of starting to design our company’s new website, and we’ve had a branding agency in to re-design our logo and give their thoughts on what the new website should look like.

They’ve sent over a pdf showing what one of our project pages could look like and I’m just trying to wrap my head around how to achieve it in webflow.

The thinking is that each project will have its own colour in the CMS, and that the project page will display this with our new logo cutout as per the image attached.

How do I go about having a cutout that can change colour from one project to the next? Also to get it to sit in front of the section/background image but overflow?

[Edit] Could this be done using an SVG? I am led to believe you can control colours within SVG’s via CSS? Is this possible? Would anyone know how to implement it?


I take it this isn’t possible then?

Hi @Macker you can close this request as you have make it. :wink: