How to achieve this clean LIST styling in webflow

Hello girls and guys, thought I’d use this problem as an excuse to get involved. Very happy to be a part of this community.

OK…I purchased a theme from the Webflow store and I’m trying to replicate it and tweak some bits.

One thing I cannot figure out is how this list has been styled within Webflow. I struggled to articulate the question so made a video instead.

Any ideas/suggestions/epiphanies would be very welcome.


Hi @chappardababbar,

are you happy to share a ‘Read-Only’ link of each project so we can see what’s on the inside?


Thanks @knk. My apologies…read only links that relate to the video are below:

This is my project

This is the template I purchased from the store

Hi @chappardababbar,

Ok, had a good look through everything (as you did), and couldn’t find anything either.

Upon ‘Inspect Element’, using Developer Tools did reveal a difference in the ul & li elements (of your page and the original)

The template element looks like straight HTML (which I wouldn’t expect), and the element from the page you are creating has all the webflow CMS id info attached to it (which I’d expect).

I’d suggest getting hold of Rowan the creator of the Template and he may be able to reveal the ‘special sauce’

@rowan Would you be able to assist?


Hey yasir! Here’s a quick video demo for you to answer your question:

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@rowan wowzers! What an amazing response! Thank you, crystal clear. Hope I can implement it.

@knk thank you for connecting us.

Thank you gentlemen.


Awesome Rowan,

thank you for sharing…a true Webflow Expert! :clap: