How to achieve responsive design?

Hello everyone, I’m new to Webflow and I want to create my portfolio for my career. I have some design skills when it comes to websites, but I’m just starting out. My issue here is that I used a template and I wanted to add some things, but I can’t make all the elements, blocks, etc., responsive. I don’t know if there are any secrets, techniques, or anything else, but a little help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

hi @Teddy_Pouypoudat and welcome. To be able create a responsive and snappy websites require be knowledgeable about Website development.

It is like with everything else, if you would like for example to be a pilot, you just do not hire an aircraft and ask people around how to start engine and take off. You need spend some time to learn.

It is important to understand that “no-code” IS NOT EQUAL “no knowledge” . :man_shrugging: