How to achieve 50% height sections?

This probably is a silly question but I can’t figure it out at all. Everytime I try to set the height of the element to 50%, the section doesn’t truly sit at 50% visually. I am trying to replicate the elements 50% in height that is in the Webflow Demo kit but I can’t figure it out.

Could someone guide me through as to how to make the section appear at 50% height.

This is the read-only link:

Help is appreciated.

I would really appreciate anyone who could share a solution for this the earliest possible. Thank you in advance.

Hi @jakerawlins, thanks for the question. I took a quick look at your site in read-only mode, are you still having an issue with this?

The sections look 50% height to me. Normally you give the body a height of 100% and then you can set individual sections to 50% if you want to have two sections visible at a time in the viewport.

Hey @cyberdave thanks for the reply. I figured it out. I was sort of in a hurry and was messing around and finally got hold of it. I was missing out on making the body itself a height of 100%. Thank you once again.

Hi @jakerawlins, thanks for following up ! Glad to hear it is working and that you correctly put the body to 100% :smile:

Keep on Webflowing :smile: