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How to accommodate design spacing for nav bar that isn't at the top

Hello, my slightly different different vision for my nav bar is causing my styling problems. Currently it is not at the top, but a bit up from the top. (see screenshots.) It looks fine from my laptop and monitor, but my friend’s computer has the top of the text cut off behind the nav bar. Does anyone know of a way to style this so that everything underneath the nav bar (ex, the text which is cut off) is only allowed to go below the nav bar?

(Apologies for the poor naming in my files:)
read only:

(Edited for clarity)

@MaddisonHarder - Which “image” are you referring too? That is not clear to me.

Sorry, I meant text. See how the top screenshot is all cut off?

Video created to show you a method to address your issue.


  • Moved navbar to be child of body
  • Added top-margin to parent section of “The Bear’s Paw” text


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That WAS easy! Thank you so much, I appreciate it!

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Sure. Glad I could help you!