How to access CMS Collection Pages from a Nav Link button in my header

Hi Guys, I am building a blog website and I have added all my subcategories in my site header as seen in the first image. I have created the categories as a collection in my cms.

I have also created my blog posts as a collection in my cms wherein the above mentioned category is a field in each blog post.

I finished building cms collection pages to show my posts by category as seen in the second image but I am not able to link to the cms collection pages of each category from the link in my header as it is not a cms list.

How can i solve this ?

Thanks in advance.

(Basically i want to be able to navigate to the cms collection pages in the second image based on the category i choose in the header of the first image) At this point I am only able to navigate to a cms collection page with all posts included.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Rehan_Dominic , welcome to the forum :smiley:
This is a great question!

If you want to link to a dynamic page you need a dynamic link.

  1. Take a list element and place it in the navbar and choose the Categories as the source for this list.
  2. Add a link element to each item, and dynamically connect it to the ‘current category page’.

Should look like this:

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Thanks Aviv! I had sort of figured this out but was wondering if there was anyway in which i could link to my dynamic pages from the header which does not allow dynamic links ?

Yes! you can add the link to that page as a URL