How set page to start at bottom and scroll up?

Noob question, but how would I set up a page to start at the bottom and the user scrolls up?

I watched the horizontal scroll tutorial and thought that could do the trick if adjusted, but i think i’m overcomplicating it. I also watched Position tutorials but couldn’t grasp the solution.

My page will have some lottie animations on load, user scrolls up an image of a building, and then lands on some more text animations at the top. I can share a read-only but i’ve tried 3 different approaches and think general tips would be more helpful and can share once I have better progress.


Perhaps just using the page with #in-the-url-at-the-end which will basically scroll to the bot as soon as the page boots up. You can add a preloader to mask that behaviour and then user will technically be starting from the bottom.

Alternatively you could write up some custom code to mimic the same behaviour without actually using the #in-the-url-at-the-end.

This is definitely the type of thing I’m looking for. I added the ID in but am getting confused with when “scroll into view” lottie animations would be triggered. From what I can tell the topmost one is triggered instantly even though the ID takes the user to the bottom page.

I currently am adding an ~8 sec delay on the top most animation to fake the ‘scroll into view’ working … but defining preloading might be what i need.

Do you have any suggestions with this in mind or should I start a new thread?

Example (built for mobile):

Read Only Link: