How secure is my site and content with Webflow?

If I made a password-protected creative journal website on Webflow how secure would it and my content be?

Throughout my three decade long creative career I’ve created +5000 images and assets that doesn’t exist anywhere else other than in the professional or personal projects I’ve worked on and in my nas at home. They are not found anywhere else. In an age where authentic, 100% human-made and un-AI-augmented/tainted creations is getting more and more rare to come across I understand that I’m sitting on something quite precious. Hence, I’m a bit hesitant of putting it online and want to know how ‘safe’ Webflow is.

Can Webflow guarantee that the assets that people upload to a website made in their ecosystem is safe from webcrawlers and other malicious activities?

Does Webflow have some proprietary anti-web crawler tech that protects data on sites made in Webfow?

What does Webflow do to prevent their sites and the data that is stored on them getting roped into the datasets that AI tools trains on?

Does Webflow itself train on the sites that the community builds?

What other measures does Webflow take to protect data and content that users put on their websites?

How eager is Webflow to play ball and be compliant with new copyright and data protection rules that EU proposes?

Assets uploaded through the designer are hosted on the Webflow CDN, which uses AWS, and everything uploaded there is public. Nothing restricts anyone from loading a public asset anywhere else on the web if they have the URL. If a public asset is crawled or displayed anywhere on a public site, they are potentially out in the wild.

Nope. You can use meta robots and/or robots.txt but they only work for crawlers that respect them (major search engines).

Nothing. That is up to you via new robots.txt exclusions.

They have not disclosed any AI plans that I am aware of. They remain somewhat secretive about anything upcoming.

For content, You can use the “User Accounts” to perform some gated functions, but development ceased, and it remains in beta. But remember, this doesn’t automatically apply the same level of access control to the assets used on these pages. More Info-> Create gated content experiences with User Accounts | Webflow

I have not seen anything new published. Someone from the company might respond.

My responses are based on my experiences and knowledge and might not always be 100% accurate, especially since the product evolves and changes.

I prefer using custom apps to control high-value assets where strict access control rules are required. I have designed systems for huge companies with complex requirements to protect very high-value assets. I am available if you need professional expertise, apps, hosting, and the like. Just send me a DM.

Good morning @webdev

Thank you so much for all your thorough responses! I work in game dev and are not that well versed in web dev so I really appreciate that you took time and explained it in the way you did.

What I took away from this is that Webflow isn’t the ideal out-of-box tool to use if you want to build websites that contains assets that you want to protect and not lose control over. Which is a shame because I really like Webflow and its interface.

Assuming everything that is already on the web has been crawled and/or tainted by all the AI datasets and seeing how the VCs and tech companies runs hand in hand towards AI with little to no concern for copyright and creator protection its not surprising that Webflow is eager but secretive about their own AI plans. If other companies can steal the work of individual creators and intellectual properties from companies, train on that content and then make money from it, then why shouldn’t Webflow be able do the same?

I have worked out a very primitive solution of how to cripple and distort how my assets are viewed online, and thereby make them irrelevant or poisonous for the AI datasets to train on. Its cumbersome and adds several analogue steps for each asset. Its going to be far from the ideal way of viewing them but since we cannot have nice things on the web anymore its the best I can do. That being said, its so primitive its silly. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your kind offer! I might send you a DM in the future. Have a great weekend mate!