How Prevent auto-scrolling bug when expanding & contracting a section on a page

Hello everyone,

I am having an issue I believe to be a bug but I could be an issue that I’ve acquired myself due to my ignorance. My issue/bug is happening on every breakpoint other than desktop ( on the desktop I have changed the expand/contact interaction to opacity fade instead of show/hide on customer request ).
I have also asked the customer but he does not want opacity fade on the other breakpoints.

So the issue, once you select any breakpoint other than desktop and go down to the “some of our countries…” you will find that the last 2 countries featured in that section ( Iraq, Syria ) seem to be auto-scrolling when I interact with the show more / show less button, yet the first 2 countries in that section ( Lebanon, Egypt ) do not have this issue and expand/ contract as required. The reason I’m finding this difficult and why my reasoning for it being a bug is because everything in that whole section is using the same class which I have checked and double-checked again, everything seems to be exactly the same yet half the sections are behaving incorrectly.

Please if someone to share some knowledge on what they think this issue could be, it would be much appreciated.


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