How performant is Webflow's CMS conditional visibility?

For example, if I had a page with 3,000 images, but setup each image with different conditional visibility so that only 30 display at a time per page, and the images themselves were tiny (like 1 byte each), would Webflow perform reasonably in terms of load speed, or would this be a bad idea?

It’s not because all conditional visibility does is set the element to display:none in CSS and the browser still loads it even though it is not visible.


Thanks for the response Jeff.

What about the actual conditional visibility attribute? I.e. this bit…

Is there a limit to how many conditions I should set on a page, or can I set 3,000 conditions without worrying too much about performance?

@marklovin I was specifically talking about that feature. I seriously doubt that the Webflow designer could handle that load (it bogs down bad on huge pages already), the other issue is the visitor would have to load all the hidden assets. Webflow generates static HTML so you could simulate this and test to determine the impact to an average simulated user.