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How only transitions achieve this kind effect? So confused... Can anyone help pls

I just look at this template want to figure out how the hover effect achieved on core features section. When I hover the three icon, the original icon become bigger then fade. I thought this should be use interactions to achieve. However, it is not. Just use a simple transitions, also didn’t use states to edit hover. Soooooo confused. Can anyone help me and expain how this could be happened??

Hi Teekin,

  1. There are 2 icons layered one on top of the other.
  2. The top icon has a transition scale and opacity change on hover, to slightly larger and invisible, with 300ms transition.

Thx avivtech.

When i view the icon, i didn’t saw the purple state for hover. So i thought there is no hover added.
Haha, too shame.

Really appreciate!

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