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How NOT to do a 404

Ok, so I was working on a client’s site, and followed a link to this page:

Here’s what the site (which is obviously not my own) presented me when I clicked the link…

Is it just me, or is dark hand coming out of the bottom left-hand corner just a tad creepy!?!? And that poor business guy on the right looks like he got beat up because he failed to find the page! :joy:

I found this amusing, and thought it might make a good forum question… Any thoughts on a way to improve this 404?



yeah is kinda creepy sort of a Halloween vibe. but actually the guy on the right is part of their “branding” he’s the guy in the commercials that is always getting beat up.

For more context, here is the Allstate’s Mayhem campaign.

But it makes sense why you may be confused, because I haven’t seen any new commercials with him lately. But then again, i disconnected my cable and never watch live TV anymore

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OH Ok, that helps! Yeah, it was late, and everything is funnier when you’re tired! Haha!

Just thought that was not the best 404 i’ve ever seen…