How much Gigabyte has the webspace for hosting

Hi there together,

did anyone know how much gigabyte the webflow webspace has.

So on other Hosting-Providers they show the Gigabyte Volume for webspace. In Webflow there is nothing to see how much it is for example on CMS Hosting or Business Hosting.

There stands only 100 static pages.

I ask because i need this information in a contract for webdesign and hosting.

Would be a great thing if someone could give me an information


Hey @grafifontis,

I’ll see if I can dig an answer to this, are you specifically wanting to know capacity of asset manager (images/video etc). Because few other limiations that aren’t explicitly mentioned like pages, CMS items etc.

Theres a good list of the well know limitations here:

Ill see if I can find more on specific storage numbers, but It couldn’t be a real issue as there is always hosting / embed / script options :slight_smile:

Hi Thomas_92,

thank you ver much for your reply to my question.

So it´s clear that there are limits on cms and business siteplans.

But i need a specific number of gigabyte on how much it is for which plan.

I doing a contract for a client and this contract needs the gigabyte of webspace.


There is not a hard limit on assets that I am aware of. Never heard of someone bumping into one. It is possible.

Last I talked to Webflow about this they said there is only the limit of size per file, not per account :slight_smile:

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