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How much does Webflow cost?

Urm, am I being dim, but how much does Webflow cost?

I’m looking at the Pricing page. There are 12 options! Do I need a site plan and an account plan?

All I want to do is build a website for a client, add on a CMS and have it hosted by Webflow. (No ecommerce) This appears to be $16 a month? Or for the same price I could have an Account plan that would allow me to build and host 10 websites? That seems weird?

Depends on your needs, but just go for the lowest hosting plan when you start out. To get started you don’t need an account plan or CMS or anything more.

Is there a difference between a Site Plan and an Account Plan and if so, what is it?

Is a Site Plan basically a “hosting plan”? So to host the website, with a CMS, the cheapest plan is $16 a month?

Is an Account Plan basically the “subscription” fees to use the Webflow app to create websites?

I see that the free Starter Account Plan allows up to 2 Projects. Once hosted the Project doesn’t count against this plan limit. But what if, in the future, I need to work on or redesign the hosted project. Would this then count against the plan limit?

Yes, correct.

You have full access to design the website even when it is on a hosting plan. So there isn’t a ‘what if, in the future…’ issue.

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There is a difference.
An account plan allows you to host more sites and transfer your projects to your client’s dashboard.
The hosting plan is the plan you actually need and allows you to host the website with all that SEO and similar goodness.

For hosting a site, you don’t need an account plan, and you can edit it forever.