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How much cost to design a website for a repair shop?

I have a plan for building a website for my repair shop in New York, basically, we repair smartphones as well as the laptops. I need your valuable suggestion, how much cost to develop a professional looking website. Requirements are given below

Web Pages: 5
Database: For maintaining clients database
Logo: 1
Banners : 3

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Hi Rex,

Have you tried here?..

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Hi @robertrex, I just wanted to share a few things to consider, and how to go about this process smoothly.

Building a web project should be divided appropriately so your cost expectations and time frame are clearly defined. Otherwise, unnecessary tension could arise. Instead of asking about a website price, divide it into segmented parts - and decide what you’re able to afford. (Here’s just a few to think about)

  1. Sales and Information Content & Copy (Text only)
  2. Graphics (Vector & Illustrations)
  3. Photos (Full Color Photos)
  4. Font Combinations (Typography Packages)
  5. Ecommerce (Platform & Management)
  6. Ecommerce Plugins (3rd Party Applications Integrated)
  7. Research Development (Segments & Allotted time)
  8. Marketing Plan & Strategy (If Included)
  9. Advertising & Promotions (If Included)
  10. Project Management (Assignments)

Of course this list not all-inclusive, but I wanted to give a more pin-pointed process to use. With this, you can break each phase down to get specific on your costs. Developers should be able to tell you what they can - and cannot do. Every website implements a combination of actual skills. A great web developer using awesome interactions is great! But what are they going to animate? They’ll need vector graphics - OR - full color photos; and both require completely different processes.

Each one of these numbers will contain a range of costs. Therefore, you’re developer should share how they plan to handle each step. Start with these 10, and add any others segments I missed.

Just wanted to share - I hope this helps!
G.J. Hunter

Hello Rex,

I have sent you a message, please check your inbox for details.

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