How Medium loads images

How cool is this?! Probably not possible to do this with Webflow (without a lot of additional code), but it would be great to be able to someday.

Very cool indeed. I might dive in and do a few experiments with Canvas and Webflow!

That is freaking amazing!! If anyone can figure out how to do this, I would use it in every site i build!

If you read further down the page, he figures out a bit of a simpler way of doing this which is rendering a tiny background image with a blur filter using css. If that image is behind the main background, it should load first and then the regular image should load after. The only task at that point is to render the final clear image to fade into view from the blurred tiny version.

That might just actually work! Now we need CSS blur (and the rest of the filters) built-in to Webflow. :wink:

Can’t you add the blur into the site using custom code?

You can, but I mean native support in the Designer.