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How many Domain can Basic Hosting Carry?

Hi Friends

I want to know how many domains i can point to your dns with basic hosting on the personal plan.


Good question @brilliantlights! You can add at least 10, and it doesn’t seem to have a limit currently.

If you have more questions on limits, see ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Thats great. Does it mean i can manage 50 websites on the basic hosting at any given time? and i can as well increase that amount?

No, that is per project basis only. By adding more (parked) domains, all of these will display the same project when pointed correctly, and published to. You will be able to set a primary domain, so all the other parked domains will redirect to the primary domain.

If you mean how many projects you can create using your personal plan, the limit is:

The number of non-public plus public but non-cloneable projects <= 20


Once you reach this limit, you can:

  • delete old projects to make room for more, or
  • allow the community to clone your projects, or
  • upgrade your account plan

oh yes, per project basis. Now i get it. thanks.

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