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How many CMS Collections can I create


How many CMS collections can I create for a blog ?

I plan to create 250 collections with an average of 100 items per collection.

Is it possible ?

Best regards

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Hello @lemundibu

You can see more information here >

CMS basic hosting is limited to 2000 cms items

CMS business hosting is 10,000 cms items

Piter :webflow_heart:

yes i know for the items but i don’t find an answer for the collections

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I think that the collections are unlimited. Only the items have a limit. Maybe @PixelGeek Can join

I think the collections are:

cms : 20
Business: 40

You’ve been necrobumping a lot of >1 year old threads.

Oke is that a problem?

Weird thing to say didnt even know it was a thing?

I answered some questions and asked about a few things and now your calling me a troll ? :stuck_out_tongue:

No I’m not? Just because a random user on Urban Dictionary uses “troll” in an example doesn’t mean I am. It’s just not great forum practise to bump year-old threads, and I said it because maybe you didn’t notice the dates.

No dont worry about i just googled a term u used to descibe my behaviour :P. But no i noticed the dates but also noticed they were not answered. And i knew the answer so why not post it :wink:

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