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How long would it take Webflow to Process 42,000 Cms Items?

42,000 Zip code database with 5 custom fields. going to{{ZIPCODE}}

Phone Number to Call
Nearest Location Address RIch text
Misc Image CDN Storefront image url
Misc Rich Text 1
Misc Rich Text 2

from CVS Upload, updated every 7 days.

How long would it take webflo to process and serve 42,000 cms items?

Paid has 500 limit. What is price increase? (We’re comparing various technologies)

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If cost is no issue, I don’t see any issue with importing 42,000 items. Just contact webflow support here to purchase 32,000 extra CMS item limit for your business hosting.

IIRC 1000 = $10/mo, so 320 + 35 = USD$355 per month, which brings us to USD$4,260 per year.

A text file containing 42k records with five fields would be around 12MB, which isn’t that large at all, considering webflow handles video uploads quite quickly.