How long does it take for Webflow / Zapier to recognize an upgrade to a CMS hosting plan?

Hi Webflowers!

I am working on a project that creates CMS items via Zapier. The Webflow plan I was on ran out of the allotted CMS items (50), so I upgraded to a CMS hosting plan that allows 2000 CMS items.

However, my Zaps are still failing saying that I need to upgrade to a higher tiered CMS hosting plan. I tried reconnecting to Zapier as well, but it doesn’t seem to recognize that I’ve already upgraded my CMS hosting plan.

Has anyone else encountered this? I’m wondering how long it usually takes for Webflow / Zapier to recognize that I’ve upgraded my plan and my CMS item limited has increased so my Zaps can continue to run per usual. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hmm, I haven’t run into that. I’ve run into issues where the only fix was I had to recreate a zap to get it to work right with many other connections but not Webflow… might be something to try.

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Hey Geoff,

Yes, my PowerImporter customers often encounter this same problem. The solution is usually to publish the Webflow site after upgrading your CMS plan.

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Thanks for weighing in all! This actually resolved itself after about six hours—not entirely sure why, but Zapier clearly picked up on the plan change after a bit of time.

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Awesome! Glad to hear it