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How I've stopped myself getting distracted, and been 200% more productive

So if it’s not the Webflow forums distracting me with news of the e-commerce coming soon (Sign up for the BETA here), I easily get drawn into facebook. Should I have more self control… yes.

Do I?

Nope. :grimacing:

Two ways I’ve managed to be more productive over the last 7 days when at my computer…

Kill the News Feed on Chrome & Safari. An amazing app that lets you use everything on Facebook, but when replying to a message or responding to a notification you don’t get caught up in the newsfeed.


This is now what my news feed looks like on both browsers. In, reply, back to work.


Should I find myself straying into a world of Fail Videos, vegans telling me pork is bad, or The Top 1 billion pranks all in one video, I’m now invincible to their power over me. :muscle:

I set the clock on the Mac to announce the time every half an hour. This has made a huge difference! If I find myself drifting a little, on the half an hour, a voice booms… It’s 11.30 as if to say… “Do some work!”


I love to know what more experienced home office workers do to keep their productivity up and I hope these ideas might help others too.


I’m definitely going to apply the half hour ‘wake up call’ lol :rofl:

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It really does work! :joy:

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It’s like you’ve waved a magic wand over your productivity!

…I’ll get me cloak…I mean coat…

(and also try that clock tip when I get back) :+1:t2:

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I used to do this until it annoyed my wife :upside_down_face:, but I do still work in 30min blocks.


Close your mail and chat apps during high focus intervals. In fact only have browser window/tabs and apps open that relate to the current task. Then after your set interval reward yourself with 5min of social or messaging.

Try to go as long as possible between checking email because email usually means more work. You’ve got to get things done before you can get more things done. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have an app called Hazeover which dims all the apps/windows you’re not currently using. Visual focus. It’s available as part of Setapp which I highly recommend.


The shameless Beta plug! Can’t think where I saw that brilliant idea! :joy:

I love the idea of that’s hazeover app! I’ll definitely check it out tomorrow, thank you for sharing that!