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How is your work and handover proces?

I am currently about to build my first website for a client. I just wanted to know if anyone else had doubts about the most optimal proces at first and how the handover proces should be like?

Do you design in Figma or Sketch first or skip it and start building in Webflow?
Do you host the website on your webflow account or transfer it to a client account after work is complete?

Good questions Simon and after a couple of years in Webflow, I still come back to them.

The design tool step has pros and cons. You create it without hitting html / css technical hurdles. You also create some of your design assets like shapes, masks etc that you can bring into Webflow.
On the other hand for fairly simple sites or where you have one you are going to blatantly copy, wireframes/ webflow feels like enough.

I keep my Webflow sites in my account so they are in my dashboard. I wouldn’t if Webflow had capabilities where a client could add me as a “Designer” collaborator. I believe client hosting should be in their own name. I hope Webflow add this functionality in line with other Website platforms. Most of my clients are local organisations I have an ongoing relationship with. I wouldn’t do this if I felt it were likely to be one off job.

Yeah I totally agree with this. Feels weird to me that client hosting is not in their own name if hosted from my account. In reality they don’t “own” the website as long as its on my account and hosted in my name?
But as I also offer 12 month SEO service in addition to website build, I need to have access as “Designer”. Doesn’t seem like this is possible if I transfer the project to the client?