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How is this possible?

Hello, can anyone tell me how these three pages have animation that works on tablet and phones?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Why shouldn’t they work on tablets and phones in the first place?

I agree - why would you expect them not to work?

Sorry for being a noob on Webflow. But I just got the impression that you can’t run animations on tablets and phones, because when I publish the site I’m working on and look on tablets or phones they are not working.

Well, you need to be more precise in letting us know what exactly is not working on your site that you expect to work. From what I can tell the background video works and on hover interactions work as well so…

The mouse move in viewport isn’t working. Not on this either

If you were to connect a mouse to your mobile device it would work. Otherwise… what exactly you expect to happen?

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