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How is the required "Name Field" used in a new CMS Collection

I’m creating a new CMS collection. I see there is a required “Name” field. I also see there is no help info you can add to this. I am creating a new collection that does not use a name. How is this field used? Does it become the file name of the page? Is there anyway to add a help info to this field. I never saw this default name in the tutorials. What is this field used for?

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Please provide an example.

Other than being a “title” on pages, and generating a “slug” for page URLs, it is a unique identifier for each record/item

Not possible at the moment, but you can create a wishlist item to request for this feature.

This field needs to be unique then? I am just making a list of ships that visit a port. Ship name, arrival date, terminal, and a switch to show if it has sailed. The same ship name will do multiple visits throughout a year, but at different dates each time. I need to make this list available for the client to edit. What happens if this name appears more than once?

Yes correct. From your description, this collection seems to be a list of “Port Visits”.

So, the Name would be a unique description of that particular port visit.

You can of course name these items Port Visit 1, Port Visit 2, etc., OR

you can combine multiple field’s text into this, like <date> - <ship> - <terminal>

I tried using the tokens and they didn’t pull in those data fields. I matched the field naming. Is there a trick to using tokens like this?

I did see that if I uses a ship name as title, I can enter a second record with the same ship name and it recognizes the duplicate and generates name-2 for a filename which is great.

No… I meant you had to manually replace those placeholders in <date> with the actual date for example…

Thanks for the help. Got it.