How I use dynamic templates based on a CMS reference list

I was having some trouble with switching templates based on the CMS reference select item because the Conditional Visibility setting doesn’t allow for dynamic fields yet. So I’ve created a workaround that might be useful to others who want similar functionality.

With this snippet, I can create a <div class="templates"></div> and dynamically render a template based on which select item I have in my CMS. This helps me switch my content to different designs depending on which template I choose.

Here’s the snippet to place in an embed block on the same page.

function initTemplate(t) {
  let templatesContainer = document.querySelector('.templates');
  let templates = templatesContainer.children;
  let templateEl = null;
  let len = templates.length;
  for (let i = 0; i < len; i++) {
		if (templates[i] && templates[i].className.indexOf(`${t}`) !== -1) {
    	templateEl = templates[i];
  if (templateEl) {
  	document.body.appendChild(templateEl); = 'block';


Hopefully it’s helpful for anyone else needing this functionality. It works great for me!

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Assuming .templates is hidden (display none) while the children are not,

$('.templates').children().filter((i,el) => el.className.indexOf(t) >= 0).appendTo('body');
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Nice! That works too!

Looks like this got implemented! Awesome!