How far back in time do backups go?

Hi all, I’m looking to access a backup of my site from about a year ago, but the backups panel only goes to start of 2023. Curious how deep the backup log goes for other people here. The Webflow docs say backups are unlimited, is that real?

Read-only site link doesn’t show backup panel, so I’ll just leave this here as a general question. Thanks for weighing in.


I just checked and by clicking the load more backups button several times the list stopped on a backup made in 2022. This is when the site was first published.

FYI I contacted support about this issue. Apparently yes there is a quantity limit on how many backups show up in the panel. In order to access backups beyond this limit, Webflow support had to manually export the backups I needed as separate projects and then add them to my workspace.