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How does webflow write code for different browsers?

I’ve got a client that has a .NET site that says…

You would need to organize the tags on the page and generate the required style sheet(s) (for different browser versions as needed).

I need to get clarification on what exactly he means by ‘tags’ but my question is how does webflow write code / html + css for different browsers and version #'s - I know it doesn’t use twitter bootstap, but instead I’m guessing Webflow’s own methodology towards view ports? for different screen sizes, is this correct?

Has anyone else had to deliver this ‘different browser’ request with webflow, and how did it go?

thanks for sharing your stories and taking the time to help me on this one webflow community :wink:

@thesergie @brryant when you have a second could you or someone one your team shed some light on this pls?

How does Webflow write CSS for different browsers and version #'s ?

Also, how is your RWD framework different from twitter bootstrap, I believe you both use 12 coloumn layouts, can you explain a little more on how your’s is different or how you feel its better?