How does Webflow pricing compare to Squarespace?

What’s the Webflow equivalent of the Squarespace personal plan? That allows unlimited traffic, unlimited blog posts, unlimited CMS items for $12 per month (annual pay). I can’t see that any of the Webflow hosting plans compete with Squarespace because it has a CMS item limit and a visitor limit.

Check this thread out:


I saw that thread before but it doesn’t address plans or pricing comparison between Webflow or Squarespace. It’s mainly a feature comparison. At the moment here is no clear winner between the Webflow vs Squarespace on features ; it depends what you need, both have leads on certain feature areas. But to me, Squarespace is clearly the cheaper option as far as I can see.

I think what @VladimirVitaliyevich was trying to point out is that, as a tool, Squarespace is not a direct competitor for Webflow. Their targeting is different, and if you know both platforms, you’ll be able to see the differences by your self as well.

That said, you can’t compare different products and expect them to have similar prices.
Webflow will give you the freedom to design what you want, add interactions to each element and on top of that, you have the 1st visual CMS on the market - it might no be the most powerful (yet), but no other system allows that flexibility. So, instead of comparing features on pricing tables, you should also include what the platform has to offer and then, you as the user will always have the final decision of choosing which one suits your needs.

Personal point of view: Squarespace is far better than Wix and Weebly, but Webflow is the professional tool for webdesign if you consider to get serious in this industry :wink:


As someone who is coming over from Squarespace to give Webflow a try I think the way you have to look at it is this. With Squarespace, the hosting is part of the package. The monthly fee covers the actual tool and the hosting. With Webflow the Developer/Designer is paying for the tool (Monthly fee like paying for Adobe CC) and then the hosting is separate. Right now feature for feature, based on my limited experience, Webflow kills Squarespace on the tool side as far as building the site/template and the CMS, but Squarespace is far ahead in terms of hosting features. As a Webflow newbie, there are some features I need to work around like, built in search, auto blog post to Social media like Twitter and Facebook, commerce, etc… features Squarespace includes with no limits. I do have hopes for Webflow to catch up, especially with the announcement of their API. But as a designer, with only some basic coding knowledge to do what I can do in Webflow with Squarespace requires more effort. For a coder doing it in Squarespace’s developer mode is fairly easy for most things. But that’s a whole other story.

In reality, for many of us, the ultimate tool would be a Webflow style Editor for both site and CMS building to create templates but with Squarespace type hosting with all the features it currently offers. In the end, they are both great services and can serve different needs.

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Squarespace also has better, free templates and a better free commerce offering.

The overall impression I get is Webflow isn’t good value for money. In term of the CMS tool , its ahead of Squarespace in some, but not all areas (e.g. lack of a search block is an obvious omission)… so I can’t see the justification for it being so much more expensive.

It seems like for your needs, squarespace is the better option. For many professionals who want complete control over their design, webflow is far superior. I personally can’t stand the limitations of squarespace in terms of design. I spend more time fighting the platform than designing and usually end up abandoning the project because it sucks.


To answer your question in regards to pricing comparisons, Squarespace is a much better value then Webflow.

You gain access to their development platform, an accessible API, git integration, ecommerce, robust analytics, third party integration, CMS by default (not extra), blogging by default, contributors by default, markdown support, commenting system, etc.

A pretty good overview can be found here.

Does that make Squarespace better than Webflow? Probably not, but from a pricing standpoint, Webflow is one of the most expensive/hardest sells for client hosting, etc.

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