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How does the "Real Estate template" work?

Hi, I just discovered webflow and it seems to be a very good platform to create fast websites. I am interested in dynamically sort/order/filter results in listing pages and I found this template:

However, I cannot understand how it works; I opened it in “Designer” and I see how the dynamic data have been organized, but… I cannot understand how the filters “By Bedrooms”, “By Bathroom” and “By Square Feet” work.

Any help or useful info? I search in the forum but I didn’t find a solution.


Hi @alberto

The template is using the tab element. They have nested tabs within tabs to allow the user to filter twice. In this case you pick the broad category bedrooms, bathrooms, or size. Then in each of those tabs you can pick specific criteria.

When you click on one of these tabs it displays a dynamic list that has been filtered using that criteria.

There is another set of nested tabs used to switch back and forth between lowest price and highest price. This is a copy of the same list but the sort order has been reversed.

Hope that helps.

Hi @AlexN,

thank you very much.
So, if I understand correctly, the page results are completely dynamically generated by user but pre-built.

Tab 1 lists object with parameters A
Tab 1.2 lists objects with parameters A + B

Ok, now everything is more clear. So this approach can be used only on websites with only few items because much of them (and all the images) are immediately loaded when the page is requested.

Thank again for your help!

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Hi Alberto, I’m Pablo the designer of Real Estate Template. If you have any other questions please let me know and I’ll answer it asap.


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That is correct, template uses tabs and results are filtered depending on the selection made.
Thanks Alex!


Thanks Pablo!

I’m really new to webflow and this template made me understand some important features/limits.

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