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How does the magic in this layout work?

Hi Guys,

I’m looking at his layout

and I’m confused as to how the width of the container is maintained. Looking at the Container, and Post-box and children I don’t see anything the maintains that width … Snag_3e154241|690x433

What am I missing here?

I’m not really sure what you’re referring to. Can you be more specific?

Below the main heading and the filtering options is a list of people. I’ll call them a Cards. What I can’t seem to find is what controls the width of those cards so that they are not 100% of the width. The parent element Body > section-timeline > Container does not seem to have a width constraint. So I’m not sure why it maintains the width it does. The “post-box” items within “Container” also do not have a width specified. I like the layout, but I’m confused as to how the width of these cards are determined.

webflow native container does have an automatic width constrain to 980px which fits the webflow grid perfectly :slight_smile: You can not edit that max-width setting for native container. You could of course build your layout with a regular div acting as a container.

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Wow, how have I not noticed that yet. Thank you, that is such a key understanding that I’m amazed I’ve gotten anything else to work :slight_smile:


a container is 940 @anthonysalamin I believe :slight_smile: