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How does Photoshop & Graphic design skills help make lucrative website?

Why do I need to know Photoshop/ Graphic design to make a better website? If I don’t know Photoshop shouldn’t I start to design something?

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A website is composed of various elements: texts, vector graphics, bitmap graphics (images), Photos, videos, other animations, among the most common.

Graphic design software are needed to achieve a good website design. Both for preparing, designing, optimizing all the elements needed (listed above) and to simulate the final result, layout, design.

There’s Photoshop, but there’s ton of others. And usually you need a vector program to achieve some vector graphics (Illustrator, Sketch, Inkscape… )

So graphic softwares are good, if not indispensables, for:

  • simulate, create the website layout
  • create the design elements
    (photos, schemes, animations etc)
  • export and optimize said elements
    for their use on the web

One could say you can do without, that would be technically correct, but reasonably wrong.

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Traditional Graphic Design skills are very much needed when it comes to making great looking websites.

Typography, photography, color theory, and lighting really play a huge role on how a website is perceived within seconds.

I would suggest learning some of the above to help your designs stand out :smile:

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