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How does one change nav bar color on scroll?

Hi webflow experts,

Could some please tell me how to achieve the nav bar effect on this site? It changes opacity as soon as the bottom of the nav bar touches the second section.

How do you actually detect when the nav bar touches the second section and trigger on that during a scroll? Is there any way to do it without using 2 nav bars?

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards,


there is currently no way to change the background color of a div using a Webflow Interaction. But, you still achieve that effect using custom code.

For your second question, there is also currently no way to make a stickynav once it hits the top of the screen. But, you still can achieve this effect with a more slick effect as done here:

hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

AH I had the same type of question @jmak35 :

I will experiment with what you suggested @PixelGeek

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