How does email capture work?


I’m building a blog using the Aspire template. It features a contact form that implies it will send out some kind of monthly digest of new content. I have tested it but the result is simply that an email address gets added to a form submission table in the site’s dashboard.

I have questions:

  1. Is the email capture/monthly digest a webflow feature? Or something template specific?
  2. Any thoughts on how or where the email capture behavior might be configured?
  3. Any thoughts on where the digest email is sent from?
  4. OR, am I totally misunderstanding this and it actually requires Mailchimp or a similar integration?

Thank you!

Hi @AndrewAt , what you are looking at is a template and those texts written over are just a copy. They display how your website would look like. And these templates should come without such integrations because such integration will require your own unique code/links and anything that has to be integrated.

So ya you will have to set it up yourself or hire someone like me :smiley: to do the job.

If you want to do it yourself, there is one tutorial here MailChimp form Integration | Webflow University

Thanks! I appreciate the offer, Abi. Going to give this one a shot myself - looks like a great learning experience.