How do you unstick the sticky after 'while scrolling in view' is done?

So I figured the first part out after yesterday’s post - getting the iMac div to be sticky. Hooray! Could use fine tuning, though I got it done from a lot of trial and error, so I still don’t really have a a thorough understanding of this whole sticky business.

I now want the iMac div to move with scroll once the user finished the ‘while scrolling in view’ animation (triggered by div block 1112) i.e. the whole green section to move up as the user continue to scroll towards the bottom of the page. Right now, once the user finished 'while scrolling in view), the blue and purple sections move up in front of the sticky green section, and I don’t really want that overlapping look :frowning:

So my new question: How do i now get the sticky green section to move once ‘while in scrolling in view’ animation is done?

Can anyone please? Thanks so much!

Here is my public share link

Found a solution myself using code!

I used F’in sweet’s class-adder idea to add a class to the sticky element. Since I wanted the sticky element to move up like a normal static/relative section once my ‘while scrolling in view’ animation is done, I set the section that follows the sticky element to be the trigger.

Here’s their visual builder to help anyone like me who doesn’t know how to code :slight_smile:

Make sure that the class you add to your sticky element has ‘auto’ for position-top.

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