How do you make a navbar that controls inpage elements

I’m new to webflow so the question might be irrelevant.
Basically I want to make a second navbar on a page which links to in-page elements, but the elements linked to the navbar field that is not selected is hidden and only displays when the relevant heading is selected.
Suppose when I have 3 fields in the secondary navbar, the element visible beneath it should be the one according to the field selected above, while other elements are hidden.

Hey @encrypto, would love to help but you do you have a visual/design I can refer to?

Screenshot from 2020-05-02 18-49-06

Alright got it. You can use the Tabs element for this. The 2nd nav bar that you are referring to will be the Tabs Menu.

On webflow the Tabs are already setup for this purpose so should be straight forward when you try it.

Thanks!!! That solved it!

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