How do you make a CMS grid with lightboxes?

I have a mixture of different ratios within my CMS collection (namely 4:5 and 1:1) I would like everything to appear as 1:1 on the page and then show the full ratio when someone clicks the image.

Is this possible to do within CMS and the grid function?

Here is my public share link

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Hey @JosephGMedia, I think you will benefit from @Finsweet’s CMS Library.

Hi there,

Thanks for your response but the link doesn’t offer a solution to what I’m requesting in my question.

Hey @JosephGMedia , I apologize for my previous response. I assume you are looking to have perfect square boxes for your collection list items? If that is the case, this has been covered in a previous forum post, linked below:

Hope this helps!

Yes but as my question states this needs to work with lightbox functionality.

“then show the full ratio when someone clicks the image.“

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