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How do you enable auto sizing for Embedded Code?

Hey all! I’m currently working on a website for a gaming group. Love webflow by the way, I’ve been using it for over a year now. I haven’t ever come to the forums because I google things and search the forums for answers when I need them. I’ve found everything I need and have never had to reach out before :stuck_out_tongue:

However… I’m having a lot of trouble getting this to work. My goal is to embed 8 separate live streams, all going at the same time when the streamers are live. Now, I’ve been able to do this, although for some odd reason they do not scale to the heighth and width I want, I have placed them inside of Divs inside of a grid within a section of the site, and they just do what they are doing. haha. Here is the code that I’m using, and the link to the site. There is also a “picture” that you will see how I want them, just a 2x4 section of squares, In the picture (at the bottom of the site) this was created for an example to the client.

Thank you for your help!


Code: (apparently I can’t post the code. I don’t know how, sorry guys.)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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