How do you do a post/patch to a Post Body's custom code webflow via API

I’m trying to automate my workflow via a Zapier integration. I’m attempting to use the API Request (Beta) in Webflow integration where I can do REST requests. I can post everything but the custom code (my blog is in html). I’ve tried searching online but I can’t find an answer. Does anyone have a curl or python example they could share?

One more question: Do I need to encode the HTML to post it within the JSON body?


If you’re referring to static pages-

If you’re trying to upload different code to each blog article, that’s not page-level code.
You should be able to do it within a rich text field, as an HTML embed, however there have been a lot of known issues with HTML embeds getting stripped. You’ll have to experiment and dig through the forum.

Thanks for your reply. This is for a CMS Collection Item for a new blog post.