How do you create a status in CMS and update it

I have a CMS collection with user data like email, phone, etc. I want to have a field called status that can either be accepted, declined, or no action. I tried using option field but there seems to be almost no documentations on making that feasible. so I decided to use a 3 separate fields for the 3 states.
The issue is that, I want to press a button in the cms page. when that button is pressed, status field field can be flipped to either accepted, declined, or no action.

Hopefully that made sense. first time here so any help would be appreciated <3

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You could do that but the the CMS isn’t designed for user data, it cannot connect that to e.g. a user login for editing one’s own profile.

Assuming you know that and that it’s not relevant to what you’re trying to build, look into using Logic for your CMS item updates.

I looked into updating CMS items but there isnt any guides as far as I can see. I’m thinking I need to use memberstack. Do you have any experience with memberstack and think this could fix my problem?

Memberstack ( or Webflow User Accounts ) will give you the login capability. Memberstack is better at exposing that data to you, which you’ll need to save with your CMS data.

However there is a stack of problems here that I suspect you’re not aware of;

  • How to identify the user, uniquely
  • How to get that unique identifier, when you need it
  • How to save CMS data with that ID
  • How to load CMS data with that ID
  • Security

Webflow isn’t an app-building platform, so you need to solve each of these yourself.
The first 2 are relatively easy, with Memberstack.
The 3rd requires automation, either Logic or a 3rd party solution like Make.
The 4th is messy and does not scale well at all as users and data volume increase.
The 5th is mostly-impossible on a Webflow-hosted site. Everything is exposed, since all content must be delivered to the browser before you can filter it.

To build something like this on Webflow, you’re probably better off using Wized for the login and UX logic, and possibly Xano for the data storage.

Or choose a platform that’s designed for app-building like Bubble.

right now, im simply building a dashboard tool for one person at manage user data. like a tool aggregate sales numbers and what not. I looked into bubble. why would anyone use webflow when bubble can build full fledged websites? The answer seems like an obvious choice to me unless cost is all there is to do with it

Webflow is a tool for designers, think of it as photoshop for the web. When you need maximum control over your design, Webflow gives much of the tooling you need.

Tools like bubble focus on app capabilities, data storage, dashboard UI’s.

They’re both vehicles, but very different use cases. You wouldn’t want to show up for a date with T.Swift driving a tractor, but you also wouldn’t want to plow your farm with a Lambo.

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